Waco City Retrial Results in Acquittal for Eighteen Pro-lifers

In Waco, Texas, eighteen abortion protestors were acquitted of charges that they had violated a Waco ordinance by staging a demonstration at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Last March, demonstrators held a protest in front of the Planned Parenthood of Central Texas. The facilities are located across the street from a school, placing it under the city ordinance which prohibits any street activity in school zones during school hours. Protestors were cited for violating the ordinance when they refused to stop their demonstration.

Eighteen of the protestors were convicted of the charges last August. Yesterday, a daylong retrial was held, after which McLennan County Court-at-Law Judge Tom Ragland ruled in favor of the eighteen defendants.

Reverend Rusty Lee Thomas of Elijah Ministries issued a statement in response to the recent verdict.

“Our historic American liberties triumphed over the modern tyranny that is running rampant in America today,” said Rev. Thomas in support of the new ruling. “Some city governments and God-hating judges have in recent years tried to use the color of law (injunctions, city ordinances, etc.) to destroy our precious liberties to preach the gospel and to speak on the behalf of the unborn throughout our nation.”

“Yesterday, a local judge, Tom Ragland, rejected this politically correct stronghold and vindicated eighteen Christian, Pro-lifers in the city of Waco. This court trial highlights the tragic condition of what government is driven to in order to defend the indefensible.”

“Since they refuse to defend the rights of the unborn, they must of necessity seek to refuse the rights of the born who are convicted by Scripture and history to protect their pre-born neighbors,” said Rev. Thomas.

Judge Tom Ragland did not give an explanation for his ruling yesterday.