By Charles Stanley, Christian Post Contributor
January 27, 2012|9:23 am

 Matthew 5:13-16

Ask yourself this question: What kind of light am I? Is your glow perhaps a little dull-a flicker that others can see only if they're really looking? Or are you the kind that brightens everything up when you walk into a room? As Christians, we ought to "shine" brilliantly, no matter where we are. When even a small flame is strong, it brings light to the whole room.

Shortsightedness may be what dims our radiance, and it can cause us to miss out on blessings. Before agreeing to cooperate with the Lord, we may think we have to see exactly what He plans to do. But we are called just to be faithful ambassadors who trust His Spirit to do the rest of the work in people's hearts. God tells us, Don't give Me a schedule-just trust Me. Watch Me do it My way in My time, and see what happens.

As a believer, you are someone special. And as a member of God's family, you are indwelt by His Spirit; His light is the radiance within you. In terms of benefit to the kingdom, your life has potential beyond imagination. You have no idea what amazing things He can do-whether in the workplace, at school, or with family, neighbors, or friends-through your willingness simply to shine the light of His powerful love.

If you'll just get on your knees and pray, "Lord, I'm available-do whatever You want with my life, and show me what to do," you can be sure that He'll reveal the next step. God is willing and ready to move in the life of anyone who chooses to be available for Him.

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