Why Does God Allow Evil, Injustice?

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By Billy Graham, Christian Post Guest Columnist
June 11, 2009|10:09 am

Q: How can some people ignore God and yet have an easy life, while others – including some of the finest people I know – are weighed down with all sorts of problems? This doesn't seem fair. Why does God let this happen? - R.Q.

A: Your question isn't new; centuries ago, one of the Hebrew prophets cried out, "Why then do you tolerate the treacherous?" (Habakkuk 1:13). We don't always know why God allows evil and injustice to happen; some day we'll understand – but not yet.

But we do know this: We live in a world that has been torn and twisted by sin and evil. This present world isn't the way God intended it to be; God meant for it to be a place of peace and joy. But human rebellion and greed took over, and all around us we see the results. And behind it all is the terrible reality of Satan, whom the Bible calls "your enemy" (1 Peter 5:8).

The ultimate answer is Jesus Christ, who came to defeat the powers of evil and Satan. What difference can He make? First, He gives us hope right now – hope that even in the midst of life's worst trials and injustices, He is with us and will help us. No matter what happens, we are never alone if we know Christ.

But Christ also gives us hope for the future. Some day, this life will end – but if we know Christ, we know we'll be with Him in heaven forever. Some day, the scales will be balanced ... wrong will be judged ... Satan will be defeated ... and all evil will end. Don't put your hope in the passing things of this flawed world, but put your faith in Christ and trust your life into His hands.

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