World Vision Helps Reopen Damaged Hospital in Indonesia

Six months after last year's devastating South Asian tsunami damaged the Permata Hati Hospital in Indonesia’s north-western Aceh, the medical facility re-opened last week thanks to one of the largest Christian relief and development organizations in the world.

World Vision donated various items to the hospital in Ulee Lheue, Banda Aceh including 50 hospital beds, an ambulance, pharmaceuticals, major surgery instruments, an electro-cardiograph machine, a vacuum extractor and an instrument sterilization set.

Currently 600 people of Punge Blang Oi village are served by the Permata Hati Hospital. Displaced people are expected to return to the village. The hospital also serves other communities in Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar districts.

“I’m deeply grateful to World Vision for supporting us up till now. The reopening of this hospital can help a lot of people who need our services,” said Hospital Director, Dr. Marzuki.

After the Dec. 26 earthquake-triggered tsunami damaged the two-story hospital, two kilometers from the coastline, most hospital equipment was destroyed and remaining equipment was unusable. Nineteen hospital staff are reportedly still missing.

Now, around 75 percent of the hospital has been rebuilt and more than 25 staff will attend patients. A team of doctors including a medical specialist, pediatrician, obstetrician, urologist and general practitioner will serve at Permata Hati Hospital.

“We have delivered outpatient treatment. Every day we receive many patients in this hospital. Just an hour ago, we completed surgery for an urology patient,” said head of Permata Hati Foundation, Asma Sulaiman.

In addition to World Vision, Islamic Relief and North West Medical Teams were two of the largest contributors to the hospital. Permata Hati hospital created a plaque acknowledging donors and supporters.

Currently, World Vision supports a number of hospitals in Aceh province. Eight ambulances, 250 hospital beds, medical supplies and other equipment have been delivered to several hospitals and clinics in Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar areas.

World Vision has also helped establish eight health service posts (Posyandu) in Banda Aceh. Medical supplies and equipment have been provided to the Posyandu through Meuraxa public health centre.

The Tsunami Response health team commenced its program in Aceh province in January. The program aims to restore and improve basic health services for the tsunami-affected community.