World Vision Protects Pakistan Quake Victims from Cold Winter

World Vision is continuing to deliver warm, safe shelter to more than 4,000 students in quake-devastated Pakistan.

The Christian organization is providing tent schools with heating units to combat the harsh Himalayan winter which has already descended upon communities still in temporary shelter after the massive October 2005 earthquake.

The plan is to install nearly 100 tents with heating units in 39 villages in the North West Frontier Province. World Vision's school winterization program is crucial for students living in villages in the province where 67 percent of the schools were fully or partially damaged by the 2005 disaster that killed thousands and left millions homeless in the region.

According to the national Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency, it will take seven years to rebuild the area's school facilities.

According to reports, attendance dropped in the winter because of the cold. Thanks to the heated facilities, it is expected that the attendance will now remain stable because parents will be satisfied they are sending their children to study in comfortable conditions.

Funding is needed to help World Vision continue working in the predominantly Muslim nation as they provide school supplies and furniture as well as hire and train teachers for the area's schools.

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