Worldwide Weekend of Prayer for the Addicted Slated for April

Christians around the world will unite this month in prayers of solidarity and to give strength to all addicts across the globe to help them break through the bondages of their addictions.

The 16th Annual Worldwide Weekend of Prayer for the Addicted is an initiative of the Just Pray NO! non-profit organization and will focus on prayers against drugs.

The organizers are hoping to build on the success of the past fifteen years of united prayer against addiction which has taken place each year across six continents and is spearheaded by the United States where it continues to take place in every state.

In Canada, substance abuse concerns show youth as being among the most likely affected. In a 2004 Health Canada sponsored Canadian Addiction Survey, 45.1 percent of 13,900 Canadians surveyed said they had used some form of drug, including cannabis, in their lifetime. The highest drug usage was youth between 18 and 24 years with 70 percent reporting they have used a drug.

Organizers are saying the "War on Drugs" directly impacts the "War on Terrorism," as substance abuse has also been directly linked to organized crime and terrorist activities.

Since the first Weekend of Prayer for the Addicted was first held in 1991, millions of Christians around the world have responded to Just Pray NO!'s call to take part in intercessory prayer on behalf of the addicted and their families.

The organizers are hoping that this year's event, to be held on the weekend of Apr. 22-23, will be no different. They are seeking Christians who will commit themselves to praying weekly on behalf of the addicted and their families and joining the other millions of Christians taking part in the event to fast and pray together throughout the weekend.

Churches around the world will hold special concerts of prayer, rallies and marches to promote awareness, and conduct special church outreach to the addicted living in their local communities as part of the weekend's events.

The organizers said in a statement on their website: "Make a formal commitment to join with believers in Christ from around the globe this coming April. Put on the full armor of God and fervently pray in spirit and in truth."

Just Pray NO! is hoping to rally together one million Christians in the prayer initiative this month.