Worship Is a Witness

And each day the Lord added to their group those who were being saved. - Acts 2:47

There is a direct connection between worship and witness. We are being watched by the outside world. And the outside world marvels when a Christian can praise God when they are going through hardship. It is a powerful testimony.

Sometimes that outside world even joins us in the pew. So what kind of worshipper are you? What kind of a witness are you? You may think it doesn't matter, but actually it does, because unbelievers are checking things out. Maybe someone sitting near you has never been to church before. But while the worship was going on, you are preoccupied. You are chatting with a friend or daydreaming or texting. It is important to pay attention and engage during worship, because unbelievers may be watching you.

I can speak from personal experience on this, because I came to faith as a result of Christians who worshipped. No one invited me to their meeting. No one broke the gospel down for me and explained how to come to Jesus Christ. But when I saw a group of Christians sitting on the front lawn of my high school campus and singing songs to Jesus, I watched them and thought, They have something I don't have. It opened my heart to hear and believe the gospel message that was given that day.

There is a connection between our worship and our witness. So let's be a good one, and let's make sure that our heart is in the right place with God.

What an attractive group the early church was to a lost and watching world as they learned, loved, cared, worshipped, prayed, and helped out one another. The world watched and paid attention, and people came to faith. So witnessing is not just something we do; it is something we are.