Worship Leaders Seek Revival in UK Churches

LONDON – Noel Robinson was on a mission over the weekend to see churches set on fire once again by the power of worship.

Hundreds of worship leaders came from across the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean for the Renewal worship conference in London.

Robinson said he really wanted to stand alongside churches and enhance the life of every worshipper.

He spoke passionately about worship as a tool of intercession and encouraged every worship leader to be "a carrier of the kingdom" whatever their day job was.

"We live Monday to Friday as a social worker (or other job) and on a Sunday as a worship worker. God says 'But I want them to be worshippers who happen to be a social worker. If they can bring worship to their market place, I will begin to cause a fire to once again to ignite in England,'" he said.

He added, "Even if you are a worker working in your daily job, you are defined by what Heaven is saying about you."

The Renewal worship conference is now in its second year. It aims to help worship leaders see how the transformative power of worship could impact their churches and communities.

Other worship leaders sharing some of their wisdom were Graham Kendrick, Ben Cantelon, Sonnie Badu, Steve Thompson, Mark Beswick, Lara Martin and Nicky Brown.

Kendrick said a lot of worship leaders were feeling tired and burnt out and needed to come together to "catch the fresh breath of the Spirit of God."

He welcomed the fact that the conference brought together Christians from many different traditions around one purpose.

"Today where there is so much division between races, cultures, languages, religions, the one place we should see the miracle is in the church where people are with one purpose, one vision, worshipping the Father all together. We need to do that more," he said.

"The blessing of God is in there when we come together to worship and desire to be each other's blessing even more than we desire to be blessed. When the world sees that in the spirit of the church they are going to say 'God is with you.'"

The Renewal conference is part of the Kingdom Worship Movement, which was launched by Robinson to galvanize believers across denominational, cultural and ethnic lines and enable them to be even more effective in transforming lives and communities through the power of the Gospel.

Three more conferences have been planned for 2010.