By Maverick Russel Flores , CP Contributor
September 21, 2016|11:25 pm

Heath Slater and Rhyno FACEBOOK/Heath Slater

Heath Slater and Rhyno pose with the SmackDown Tag Team titles at Backlash 2016

For the most part, WWE has been the business of huge, muscular superstars. Brock Lesnar is heralded as the most dominant force in the company and he is a 6'2" 260-pound "Beast Incarnate". The Undertaker, John Cena, The Rock, Stone Cold and Roman Reigns, they all have something in common; they are ripped athletes and Vince McMahon loved them.

The lighter-looking wrestlers are reduced to the "jobber" role—always putting over the stars, staying in the midcard or becoming the comic relief. On some occasions, leaner stars like Daniel Bryan get pushed to greater heights, only because fans related to him so much and wanted to see him bag belts.

If WWE was basing their booking on the fans' pulse, guys like Heath Slater would have skyrocketed earlier in his career. Instead, like Bryan, he had to work his way up the ladder en route to the coveted SmackDown Tag Team titles. However, he and Rhyno are presented with a huge challenge early in their reign, against the top heels of the blue brand.

The Usos

The Usos had been surging lately on SmackDown ever since they turned heel prior to Backlash 2016. After being defeated by American Alpha, they injured Chad Gable's leg in kayfabe. This set up the match between the villains and the underdogs.

They then defeated The Hype Bros to get their shot at the championship at Backlash, only to be terrorized by Rhyno and pinned by Slater to a huge crowd pop. However, the feud is not yet over.

The Usos did win clean on Tuesday night, but they highlighted their heel status throughout the match. They mercilessly targeted Gable's leg and pummeled Jason Jordan for the victory. This establishes them as the No. 1 contenders for Slater and Rhyno's belts. The rematch will happen at WWE No Mercy pay-per-view in a few weeks.

The Journey

Slater's quest for recognition and for the tag team championship did not come easy. From the guy who got beat up by WWE legends for a living, he emerged as the fan-favorite unlikely hero.

As such, the WWE Universe cheered him on as he delivered his best mic work during his time as "free agent", switching brands every week trying to get a contract. He finally did get one after teaming up with another legend, Rhyno, to win the tag titles.

However, at No Mercy, their run might just be cut short, as the Usos would come in as vengeful heels. Meanwhile, Slater already has what he wanted, signing with SmackDown.