By Christian Ver Marcelo , CP Contributor
September 21, 2016|11:11 pm

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Xbox Games with Gold

The month of September is nearly over, so it is most likely that Microsoft will be revealing the new roster of titles for the Xbox Live Games with Gold for October. Possibilities could still go many ways, but we take our chances in looking at the games that will most likely make the cut.

Xbox Live Games with Gold

Microsoft has been committed to deliver nothing, but the highest caliber games to their Xbox Live Games with Gold members. Every month, the tech company releases four titles that the subscribers could download and eventually keep. The four downloads are split; two for the Xbox One and two for the Xbox 360.

September Recap

Currently, there are still three active games available for Xbox Live Games with Gold for the month of September. Each of them would be ending on different dates. Among the three is the headliner game "Earthlock: Festival of Magic" which is available for the Xbox One until the end of September.

The next available game for the Xbox Live Games with Gold members is the "Mirror's Edge" for Xbox 360. It is also available until September 30. Meanwhile, the "Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China" for Xbox One will be available up until the 15th of October. This may be one of the confirmed titles for October, spilling its due date over this month.

The Game Candidates

Although Microsoft has not released any official announcements yet with regards to what they are offering for the Xbox Live Games with Gold for October, fans have been speculating as to what the tech company will be releasing. "Watch Dogs" is a popular choice. This would make sense for the subscription service as game publisher Ubisoft is geared to release "Watch Dogs 2" on November 15. This release would effectively promote the sequel and revive the franchise anew.

Another sensible game title would be "Iron Man 2." Now that it's on its sixth year, refreshing the installment through the service would give it some needed boost.

Microsoft released "Forza Horizon" for September's Xbox Live Games with Gold, so maybe adding another "Forza" game title on the mix wouldn't hurt. "Forza Motorsport 5" would be the perfect candidate as it would be celebrating its third anniversary on November 22.

Lastly, with the "Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China" still available, continuing the journey would just be logical. This then demands the addition of "Assassin's Creed Black Flag" that could perfectly cap off its predecessor's run until its October 15 expiration.

There are surely other titles that Microsoft may consider as part of the October Xbox Live Games with Gold roster. However, these are the most sensible choices for the company to fully maximize the games' potential and their market reception as well.

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