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Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016

You Support Gay Marriage When You Eat These 10 Popular Brands

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By Michael David , BuzzVine Contributor
September 13, 2013|6:06 pm

Most conservative Christians adamantly stick by their Christian values that same-sex marriage is unacceptable and refuse to support it on religious grounds. But what if you found out that your favorite brand of cereal was made by a company that supports gay marriage? Would you still buy it?

Here are ten popular food brands made by General Mills, a company that openly supports same-sex marriage.


Now who doesn't love a bowl of Cheerios every now and then? This brand is no stranger to American news channels or our tables. It's so popular, a military official recently used it in a metaphor to describe the planned strike on Syria. "If Assad is eating Cheerios, we're going to take away his spoon and give him a fork. Will that degrade his ability to eat Cheerios? Yes. Will it deter him? Maybe. But he'll still be able to eat Cheerios." Would you give up your Cheerios?


This brand is almost like a member of the family.


Are you feeling bad about that Haagen-Dazs addiction yet?

Lucky Charms

Are you strong enough to tell your kids no when they get charmed by a box of these goodies in the supermarket?


With more than 40 flavors to choose from and competitive pricing, this brand of yogurt expands the palate and the dollar. Can it expand your faith?

Fiber One

Yes, that diet plan might have just crashed.

Green Giant

Will one of America's favorite giant's keep his place in your cupboard?


Awww…now why would anyone want to pick a fight with this fellow?

Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker is like America's favorite grandmother. Are you brave enough to drop her?

Hamburger Helper

Need I say more?

Source: dumpgeneralmills.com

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