Youth E.E. Fights Evangelism's Bad Rep

Evangelism often "gets a bum wrap," in the media and society, states Youth E.E., Evangelism Explosion International's Youth ministry. Evangelism is unpopular and not wide-spread in the society, but one group has tried to actively change that. Youth E.E.'s first clinic for 2005 will be this upcoming March 28-April 1 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., the hometown of President and Founder, Dr. D. James Kennedy.

The parent ministry, Evangelism Explosion International has recently reached a milestone, and established itself in every country on earth. Now, Youth Evangelism Explosion is challenging youth workers to "work in the hearts of young people" through the first clinic of this year.

Although youth may know and love the gospel, they do not know how to share that faith or even communicate the gospel. In this society where so many voice their opposition to the gospel, there is a tendency for the youth to shrink away from speaking about God.

Youth E.E. tries to mitigate that effect by providing Christian youth with tools to reach others for Christ. This is in addition to grounding them in faith.

With an emphasis on discipleship, the 4-day Youth Leadership Training Clinic will equip youth workers and pastors with information to then train the students in a 13-week semester. The clinic will also provide advanced training in the post modern youth culture.

"There are definite benefits of evangelism through multiplication, as kids are trained to lead others to Jesus, who, in turn, are discipled and trained," states the website.

"Currently, most of the kids in your youth group have a personal relationship with Jesus, yet they're keeping it all to themselves. Once they're equipped with the tools to share Christ and to confidently respond to tough questions, walls are broken down," states the website.

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