Zig On…Precious Moments

August 26, 2006, was a special date for our family. That evening we had a dinner to honor the birthdays of our youngest daughter, Julie, and Chachis, our daughter-in-law. It was truly a remarkable and loving evening. We had lots of fun, lots to eat, and there were some serious moments that helped to make the time one of our "precious moments."

I think one of the most moving experiences of my life was presented to me by Jim Norman, Julie's husband. Jim also for several years was the president and CEO of our company and served us at a time when we were experiencing some serious difficulties. He quit doing what he loved to do-and that was run his own business-in order to help us. He had an attachment to our family that transcended his personal needs and wishes at that moment, so he righted the ship and then went back to doing what he had been doing-leaving many fond memories and fans. I still call on him periodically for advice and suggestions. Since he works with other speakers, teaching them how to build their careers, he is well qualified to do many things. But this particular night Jim really lit the fire for all of us when he stood up and made an impromptu presentation of "Why I love my wife."

He started by saying, "Because of the mother she has been to our children. The example she has been and the wise counsel she had given to each of them is a rare thing. She has always responded to them openly and honestly, sharing her own secrets so they might benefit from her experience. No greater humility can be demonstrated."

Then he said, "I love my wife because of her character. She is honest with me at all times and I never have to read her mind or try to analyze or second guess her motives. Her honesty is a testimony to her faithfulness to God, to herself and to me. This kind of trust enables emotional peace and contentment in our home and our lives.

"I love her because of her faith. She walks daily with God in spirit and in truth and diligently seeks His will in her quest to be obedient to it. She is a person in whom one can see the glory of God reflected in all that she does for others. When I look at her I truly see Jesus."

Surely as you read this you will agree with me that it truly was one of those "precious moments," but above all I hope you will recognize that in your own life there also have been many precious moments with friends, family and loved ones. I encourage you to put those memories in writing, and share them with the people who have had a special impact on your life and have shared their precious moments with you. You can pass it on to the next generation and who knows just how far it might go?

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