ZigOn Evolution vs. Creationism (Part 1)

Some courts are ruling that creationism cannot be taught. Many of us believe that evolution is purely a theory and not a science. The reality is that neither side can prove their case, according to all the scientific knowledge and the inability to reproduce the things that created each.

Because we cannot identify with certainty or prove either case with certainty, I believe what we can do is explore the practicality of which to follow. Let's start with the theory of evolution. First, scientists believe in the Second Law of Thermodynamics which clearly says that any system left unattended will eventually run down. In short, it does not evolve, it devolves. Second, DNA now proves beyond any doubt that Adam and Eve started it all. This completely eliminates the possibility that man evolved from the mud and the slime. Science believes that DNA is a science and we even put people in prison or get them out of prison based on DNA evidence.

Because of evolution, both Hitler and Stalin believed that since man was "just a higher form of animal," they used that as the excuse to annihilate literally tens of millions of innocent people. Darwin's "survival of the fittest" (which is the most racist concept ever concocted by man!) had pointed out that if you got rid of the "inferiors" that all of mankind would benefit.

Now let's look at the difference in just the common sense approach. If a youngster is told that he originally started in the mud and slime, you can only imagine what that does to his self-image. Another child is told what the Bible teaches is that we are wonderfully and fearfully made, that we are created in God's own image. It doesn't take too much imagination to know which one is the more likely to be accepted and successful in his life.

The next point I would make is the fact that most people recognize the success that America has enjoyed and the fact that our very Constitution is responsible for the freedom we enjoy. This Constitution was written in the Continental Congress by a group of patriots who were overwhelmingly Christian and, as a matter of fact, before it was adopted there had been much turmoil and debate. Then elder statesman Ben Franklin called the group to order and said (and I paraphrase), "Gentlemen, let me remind you that in the days we were fighting for our freedom we always got on our knees and asked our Creator to guide us, direct us and protect us. I submit that Almighty God, Who knows when a sparrow falls, will not permit a nation to rise unless it is through His grace, His strength and His power." They started praying before each morning session and with considerable dispatch the Constitution was written and accepted by men who believed in creation and a Creator.