ZigOn Good Guys & Girls

Joe Craven had an idea to start a pottery manufacturing business. He built an advanced kiln but could not make it work. He tried time after time and finally conceded failure. Then he got on his knees and asked for help. By "coincidence," the next morning two gentlemen from Texas asked to see his kiln. Joe told them it didn't work. One commented that he had just returned from a tour in Germany where they were using this technology . . . he shared some procedures he had learned and Joe agreed to give their concept a try. It worked!

Today, Craven Pottery, in Commerce, GA, does over $35 million in business yearly and has 320 employees. In the summer of 1994, Doug Segars, the assistant manager at Craven Pottery, got an offer he couldn't refuse from another company. He had been with Craven for many years, but felt this was an opportunity to advance his career. Joe Craven gave him a goodbye party and he departed with the blessings and encouragement of all. Two days before he was to leave, Doug's wife and two daughters were hit head-on in an automobile accident. One of his daughters was seriously injured and was in a coma for three weeks. Joe knew that the tragedy had probably knocked Doug out of his new opportunity, so he told Doug and his family that no matter what happened, Doug would have a job at Craven when it was all over.

Today, Doug is functioning as the Sales Coordinator at Craven Pottery. Because Joe had eased his mind about his economic future, Doug was able to direct his attention to his first priority, his family. Neat to know, isn't it, that we still have some "good guys" left in the world. Good guys (and good girls) really do win.

. . . Adapted from Zig's book, Something Else To Smile About, published by Thomas Nelson.