How should Christians respond to the "Christmas is a myth" assertion?

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Don't take winner-take-all approach

My response is not whether Jesus Christ was born or was a man or not. There is more historical evidence for that than the existence of most people in history. The question is, do you believe that he was God - or just a man. That he was born of a virgin, and angels announced his birth, where he was born was all critical to the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy.

The point of Old Testament prophecy was that he fulfilled it - there was criteria set forth as to who the Messiah would be, it helped clarify the real from the imposter. If he is God, then the miraculous birth, the prophetic fulfillment, all of these things matter. In the end, it's a matter of where you place your faith and how if you trust the Bible or not. I believe it's important that when you talk to people you keep in mind, it isn't a "winner-take-all" in a single presentation. Most people I talk to about Jesus is over several conversations and a period of time.