Should Christians really be concerned with the "war on Christmas"?

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Stop Worrying, Start Celebrating

The only way the war on Christmas works is if those for whom Christmas is truly a special and significant holiday let it happen. By that I mean that the reason for the season can be made clear by those who hold the holiday most dear.

Reminders and opportunities to reflect on who Jesus really is are everywhere during this season, whether in the context of hymns sung, church services to be attended, or what pastors speak about in their holiday sermons (please go beyond the birth story in your sermons). I often complain to my students that Christmas is one time of year many come to church who do not attend regularly. So why do we retell them the same story year after year, a story they know already? Why not take the next step and ask why Jesus' coming makes things different, not just a baby in a manger but the hope and promise of God come to earth so we may truly experience God? Believers cannot control what the world does with this holiday, but we can make a contribution to what it is for those who at least participate in events tied to the reason for the season. Rather than worry about or complain about what we cannot control, let's celebrate by being sure He is honored by how we celebrate the holiday.