The Assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti. Send Your Response.

Pakistan Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti was murdered Wednesday morning. He was the only Christian member of the Pakistani President’s Cabinet. Bhatti, a Roman Catholic, courageously spoke out against the misuse of the country's blasphemy laws by Islamic extremists and spoke up for religious minorities, including Christians. His positions made him the No. 1 target of the Taliban but he still committed himself to standing up for the minorities and for human rights. 

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Pakistani Imam Says He is Proud of Bhatti

We have lost a great leader. He was very bold in advocating for our rights. He wanted to see Pakistan as the nation dreamed of by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of our country, a civilized nation where religious freedom and expression of all people was guaranteed.

He was very courageous and I was proud of him. He was deeply loved and respected by all Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Parsi and Buddhist minorities of Pakistan.
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