What is the meaning of Christmas?

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The Birth of Jesus Christ

At Focus on the Family, Christmas is a sacred time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ – the Son of God, promised Messiah and Lord of the universe.

Christmas is also a time to remember that Jesus came to earth in human form to take on the sins of the world and deliver humankind from the curse of death through His death and resurrection. Jesus’ incarnation speaks to the value of all human life as His humanity sanctified the entire life process, from fertilization to natural death.

As a result, Focus on the Family continues to proclaim to the world – at Christmas and throughout the year – the importance of a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the sanctity of human life, created in God’s image. One way to celebrate Christmas is by remembering others in need. Our Rising Voice Christmas campaign (www.risingvoice.com) helps those who have been victims of sex trafficking – one more opportunity to proclaim the dignity of the human person at Christmas.