What is your New Year's Resolution? Prayer topic? Prediction?

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Praying for...

For 2011, I want to say no to more good things so that I can say a fuller yes to the best - what God asks of me. I pray that my personal life will more fully reflect the generous eternal kingdom living values, now, that I speak and preach about.

I am praying that the January 9 referendum on independence for southern Sudan is peaceful and transparent, and that those who will lead the new nation which is likely to be birthed will carry out their responsibilities faithfully and effectively. I am praying as well that the members of our own 112th Congress will find ways to work together and with President Obama for the common good.

I pray that parents who are considering getting an abortion will instead choose to receive and welcome the gift of life, however difficult the circumstances. I pray that couples who are considering divorce will instead choose the path of forgiveness and reconciliation.

I pray that those who are unemployed will find meaningful and productive work, and that children who are hungry will be fed. I pray for peace in the Middle East, in Afghanistan, Congo, and Darfur. I pray for those who are persecuted for their faith, and for refugees and immigrants everywhere who are searching for a place to call home. I pray for an end to the rape and sexual abuse of prisoners.

I pray for the protection, renewal and restoration of God’s creation. I pray that churches everywhere will catch a new vision for faithful and prophetic witness to God’s amazing grace which will lead to personal spiritual transformation in Christ, which is lived out in corporate and national awakening and renewal.