Why don't evangelicals celebrate Advent?

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We're bringing back the celebration of Advent

We are an evangelical church that is trying to bring back the celebration of Advent. In fact, we call it The Advent Adventure: A 25-Day Journey to a More Meaningful Christmas. We launched it on Dec. 1st with a special Christmas Communion Service where I shared the Advent Wreath and the five candles of Advent. Then we challenged them to log on to our website BeAllThere.com everyday and read that day’s journey devotional of The Advent Adventure.

I challenged the church to make their own Advent wreath and use it with their family one night a week. We modeled what each candle represented and how they could use it for a family devotional. I believe it is building anticipation and preparing us for Christmas in a huge way both individually and corporately. One lady e-mailed back and said, “I am LOVING this Advent Adventure!!! Thank you so much for helping make this Christmas one I will always remember. I also LOVE having my Advent candles in my home as a new tradition. I am going through the test of my lifetime and really needed everything that Woodlands Church has provided me from GOD and I am so thankful.”