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Funeral for Robert H. Schuller Will Be Held at His Former Crystal Cathedral, Now Owned by Catholic Diocese


Rappers Need to Stop Reinforcing Drug Dealing Misogynistic Stereotypes, Trip Lee Says at ERLC's Leadership Summit


Walter Scott's Christian Mom, Judy, is Praising God for Man Who Caught Son's Death on Video; Says He's God's 'Ram in the Bush'


Memories Pizza Plans to Give Portion of $842K in Donations to Christian Grandma-Florist Barronelle Stutzman Who Refused to Work Gay Wedding

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ISIS Militants 'Kill Children in Front of Their Parents;' 'Kick Around Severed Heads,' Says Palestinian Refugee Witness Who Fled Besieged Yarmouk Camp


Ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali Proposes 5 Changes to Islam That Could Help Lead Its Religious Reformation


Obama Concerned About 'Less Than Loving' Christians at White House Easter Prayer Breakfast


Analysis: 8 Reasons Conservative Christians Are Concerned About Their Own Religious Freedom in the Obama Era

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Hillsong Movie: New 'Let Hope Rise' Trailer Highlights Award-Winning Band's Powerful Testimony (EXCLUSIVE)


Phaedra Parks Reveals How Prayer Brought Sarah Jakes Roberts to Atlanta


A Slow-Motion Christian Genocide: We Can't Ignore It Anymore


What You Can Do About the Kenya Massacre: Choose to Love

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Poor Kids Devastated by Isolation From Family, Church, Community, Harvard Professor Robert Putnam Says (CP Interview 1/2)


Senator Rand Paul Interview (Exclusive)

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Young and Sexy: The Realities of a Sexualized Generation


The American Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

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