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Reaction to Pastor Mark Driscoll's Resignation Includes Sadness, Gratitude From Mars Hill Church Community


Josh McDowell and Son: Christian Parents Can Help Children Develop Their Own Convictions on Faith by Not Answering Questions


Nurses Reject 'Scapegoat' Accusations After CDC Head Blames 'Protocol Breach' for Dallas Nurse Infection of Ebola


Houston Mayor Initiated Subpoenas of Pastors' Sermons, Notes to Congregations Despite Recent 'Back Peddling,' Says Pastor at Center of Battle

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ISIS Militants Fear Being Killed by Woman and Losing 72 Virgins for Martyrdom; Kurdish Co-Commander Defending Kobane Is Female


Christian Mother of Five Death Sentence for Blasphemy Upheld by Pakistani Court


Houston Sermon Subpoena Scandal: 5 Things You Need to Know


ACLU, Liberals Express Concern Over Houston's Subpoenas of Sermons

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Newsboys Singer Excited by Recent Success of Christian Film; Will Work on 2015 Film 'Do You Believe?'


Lecrae: 'I'm More Censored Than the Most Drugged Out Violent Rapper;' Says Faith Has Healed Him From Trauma of Childhood Molestation


'Stunned' in Houston: Pastors Vow to Fight Mayor's Sermon Grab


Houston Mayor and City Attorney Strive to Put Pastors In the 'Closet'

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Ex-Mafia Boss Michael Franzese on His Biopic 'God the Father'; Witnessing to Mob Members (CP VIDEO)


Why Are More Women in Hip-Hop Simulating Sex to Sell Music?

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You Can Have Our Sermons When You Pry Them From Our Dead Hands, Annise


Is America Ready for the Ebola Threat?

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