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Megachurch Pastor David Platt: Watered Down Gospel to Blame for Why Giving God 'Blank Check' Is So Foreign


Greg Laurie: Bible's 'Judge Not' Verse Misunderstood; Judging Is Necessary in End Times


Christian Rapper Lecrae Says He Harassed People With Pellet Gun as 13-Y-O But Cops Spared His Life, Directed Him to Bible


Police Officer Catches Woman Shoplifting Eggs to Feed Her Family and Buys Them for Her Instead of Making an Arrest

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Defector Says North Korea Castrates Disabled People; Performs Experiments Before Leaving Them to Die


Jordan's King Says Fight Against ISIS Is 'a Third World War, a Muslim Problem'


Obamacare Advisor Who Called Voters 'Stupid' to Congress: 'I Have No Philosophy of Abortion, End-of-Life Care'


Analysis: Why Tolerant Liberals Can Win Their Fight With Intolerant Liberals; A Response to Robert P. George

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Pastor Robert Jeffress Condemns NPR Host Peter Sagal for Mocking Jesus; NPR's CEO Says He 'Regrets' Joke Didn't Succeed


'I Wouldn't Pay to See It;' New Moses Movie Exodus Slammed for Poor Acting, Writing and Crocodile Plague


How American Evangelicals Are NOT Following New Testament Christianity


Separating Civil and Christian Marriage: Should We Sign the Pledge?

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NC Megachurch Pastor J.D. Greear: Holy Spirit Not Confined to Early Church but Not as 'Sensational', Superstitious as Some Christians Claim (Video Interview)


Robert P. George, Intolerant Liberals Will Win Fight With Tolerant Liberals

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Why Race Issues Are so Difficult for Most Christians


And So the War on Christmas Continues . . .

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