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Your school is busy growing the students coming through the doors of your physical or virtual campuses. Educators are under much pressure to safeguard the younger generation in the faith and prepare them for their callings and careers.

Educators can benefit from any help they can get to increase awareness and enrollment.

At The Christian Post, we help schools and college to promote enrollment in degree and non-degree programs, events and conferences, and new books or publication releases.


Here at DTS we really value our advertising relationship with the Christian Post. Being that The Christian Post is a trusted source for many Christians, it only made sense that our seminary advertise with them, and we are glad that we did.

Dr. Edward Herrelko VP of Marketing,
Dallas Theological Seminary
Case Study

Dallas Theological Seminary - Seminary Degree Programs

For nearly 100 years, Dallas Theological Seminary has equipped Christians in the Bible and prepared them to serve and minister in multiple ways. While DTS is passionate about training people in all 66 books of the Bible and preparing them for ministry, they also understand that not everyone can move to attend graduate school. This is why they offer multiple flexible options for earning any one of their 17+ degrees. With 4 campuses, 10+ regional locations, and expanded online options, DTS makes a seminary degree attainable from almost anywhere.

We ran a two-part campaign that included Banner & Native Ads, Branded Content, and Dedicated and Sponsored E-blasts over the Fall and Spring semesters.


  • 1.17M Impressions
  • 18.7K Clicks
  • 14.07% CTR on a Branded Content
  • 7.27% CTOR on Dedicated E-blasts
  • 4.56% CTOR in Sponsored E-blasts

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