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The Christian Post sends several newsletters each week. (View a full list of newsletters here). A newsletter recently launched is called Freedom Post together with long-term sponsor Alliance Defending Freedom.


The Christian Post is a dynamic and engaging audience of believers. They provide excellent customer service on a daily basis. Their timely attention and excellence can't be overstated.

Tori C. Digital Acquisition Manager,
Alliance Defending Freedom
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Freedom Post

This newsletter seeks to be the must-read newsletter for those concerned about defending our God-given rights and liberties in America for all generations. Sent twice a week.

  • 44.5% Open Rates
  • 8.4% Clickthrough Rates

Each newsletter includes a message from our long-term sponsor and an advertisement spot, which can be sold to other advertisers to generate revenue for our long-term sponsor.

If you would like to advertise on Freedom Post, contact us.

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