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E-Cigarettes "vape" may still be harmful to health, e-liquid poses great danger to children

E-Cigarettes "vape" may still be harmful to health, e-liquid poses great danger to children

E-cigarette may pose danger to children | REUTERS/CHRISTIAN HARTMANN

E-cigarettes, also known as "vape," is all the rave nowadays among smokers, with reports claiming that the piece of smoking tool is 95 percent less harmful than conventional cigarettes. While some instantly believed, many, especially health watchdogs, contest the claim.

According to CBS San Francisco, a Bay Area health watchdog group revealed that smoking e-cigarettes is dangerous to one's health. A testing was conducted in Oakland-based Center for Environmental Health (CEH) wherein they found out that the e-cigarettes contained high levels of "cancer causing chemicals" formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

Many claim that e-cigarettes are safe because there is no smoke or burning involved with it. While the conventional tobacco produces 7,000 different chemicals into the body when lighted up, vaping does not even involve combustion and only produces four to five substances, as said in Yahoo! Health by Jonathan Foulds, PhD, professor of public health sciences and psychiatry at Penn State University's College of Medicine and Cancer Institute.

However, the site noted that not all e-cigarettes are made equal. The Food and Drugs Administration discovered that there were inconsistencies when it comes to the production of the non-conventional cigarette. Some do not contain nicotine while there are some brands that let users take control of the consumption levels of the liquid solution.

These liquid solutions come in different flavors like butter popcorn, cookies and cream, cotton candy and vanilla custard. But although they sound delicious and harmless, The Washington Post reported that there were several studies made that proved some of the liquids used contain flavorings that are linked with lung problems. The health issues with it can range from irritation to a rare but grave lung disease.

For vape users with children, extra precaution must be implemented as the substances used in it, like the liquid nicotine, can be fatal if ingested. A great number of parents are unaware about the risks it holds, according to The Health Site. Because the liquids are flavored, children are enticed with it and may ingest it. Even just a teaspoon of it can already be deadly to the child. The source also mentioned that a toddler died last year after ingesting liquid nicotine intended for use in an e-cigarette. With this said, it is better to be wary than sorry.