Man's Special Ability Has Horses Frolicking Like Happy Dogs - This Will Amaze You (VIDEO)

Some of you may remember the movie from years ago called "The Horse Whisperer." Others may remember Homer Simpson literally whispering to a horse to tell them to run really fast when the race begins.

Whatever the cultural reference, I bet you never thought that they can exist in real life. Well guess, what? They can exist in real life.

Enter David Lichman, who is able to train horses without the usual brit and bridle, having them go about the beach at Pt. Reyes, California at his command.

In a video posted to YouTube by an account titled "Equestry," Lichman is shown having three horses run about, stand on their hind legs, and other tricks.

He rides them without a saddle or stirrup, being able to guide their actions as though the steeds were overgrown dogs instead.

Lichman eventually took his talents on the road, with a tour in 2013 co-sponsored by the Parelli Education Institute wherein half the proceeds went to equine therapy groups.

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