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MLB 2018 Rumors: Yankees Could Land Free Agent Starter Alex Cobb

MLB 2018 Rumors: Yankees Could Land Free Agent Starter Alex Cobb

MLB Opening Day is coming in three weeks, although this off-season is unusual in that free agents, big names at that, are still available for signing. The Yankees may look to have their roster put together for the most part, but the club could still add another starting pitcher in Alex Cobb.

This March should have been a slow news day for MLB trades with clubs already deep in their spring training sessions. This year is proving to be an exception, though, with significant players still waiting to be signed up, among them, the right-hander Cobb.

he New York Yankees react during the eighth inning in game four of the 2017 ALCS playoff baseball series against the Houston Astros at Yankee Stadium. | Reuters/Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees might still be one of the best options for the 30-year-old, as noted. New York is not alone in the running, though, as the Brewers and the Twins are also strong contenders for the veteran starter.

Cobb, who has spent his whole career in Yankees rival Rays, has tallied a 3.50 ERA, 3.68 FIP and 111 ERA+ since his debut in 2011. These numbers come about over the years across 700 innings and 115 career starts, except in 2015 when Cobb was getting back from a Tommy John surgery.

The right-hand pitcher may just need to have his agents tamp down on his price for a bit to get a deal going, at least that's how the teams feel as the Boston Globe pointed out. The Brewers, Twins and Yankees look to be in the best position to offer Cobb a deal he would likely take.

Cobb went 12–10 with a 3.66 ERA for Tampa Bay last season, even as he was getting back from his Tommy John surgery. It's been a productive team for the veteran, and his agents may be shopping for more than a three-year deal. Whether or not one of the MLB teams decide the splurge might be worth it is what it might come down to at this point.