Listen to This Amazing Love Song From an Unborn Baby to Its Mother

The pro-life movement has probably never sounded so melodious as a recently released musical gem from contemporary Christian star Matthew West.

Posted to Godtube earlier this month and titled "Untold," West's rhythmic ballad is a theme song coming straight from the mouth of an unborn child.

Sung from the perspective of the unborn, "Untold" tells the message that every life is sacred, especially that which is in the womb.

Far from being judgmental, it encourages the mother who may be scared and unprepared to not be afraid and to see just how beautiful that child will be when born.

Uploaded to Godtube on Feb. 12, the video has gotten more than 22,000 views and has also made appearances on YouTube, racking up several thousand addition views and support.

Want to hear a touching love letter from an unborn life to its uncertain mother? Then listen to this heartfelt song from West.

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