Christian Group 'Boggled' by 14-Year-Old's Sex Change Decision

The nation’s largest Christian public policy women’s organization is baffled by the news of a 14-year-old German boy who has decided, with the approval of his parents, to undergo a sex change – making him most likely the youngest patient in history to receive the procedure.

“Has our world completely lost all sanity?” questioned Matt Barber, Concerned Women for America’s policy director for cultural issues, in a statement on Monday. “That parents would allow their children to be treated like this is mind-boggling.”

The boy, originally named Tim, prefers to be called Kim and has started to receive hormone treatment in preparation for the operation, reported the U.K. newspaper Telegraph.

According to Tim’s parents, as a child he played with Barbie dolls, liked wearing dresses and, from the age of two insisted that he was a girl.

Tim was diagnosed as a transsexual two years ago at the age of 12-years-old when he adamantly expressed that he was “in the wrong body.” Tim is now officially registered as a female and looks like a girl, according to Telegraph, after receiving therapy to halt male puberty and initiate the development of female features through female hormone injections.

CWA’s Barber concluded: “Rather than addressing the emotional or chemical problems responsible for Tim’s gender confusion, his parents and doctors have bought into the homosexual lobby’s PC puffery hook, line and sinker.

“They’re about to rob him of his ability to father a child, and render him horribly disfigured and further confused. It’s not just a tragedy. It’s a travesty.”

The final stage of the cosmetic surgery involving the male genitalia cannot take place for legal reason until Tim is 18.

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