Paul de Vries

Special to CP

In Charlottesville, 'There Were Bad People on All Three Sides'

It is now a year since the violent racial clashes on August 11 and 12, 2017, in sweet Charlottesville, Virginia. There were three bad factions whose foolish purposes clashed violently, leaving one person dead, worsening racial misunderstanding, and obscuring the real racial issues in Virginia and in our country.

In What World Do We Live?

One of the most stunning realities of America in 2018 is the extreme divisiveness of our political, social and media environments. Far too often it seems that fellow Christian people's loyalties to a political party or a political movement are stronger than their commitment to our LORD and to the Holy Bible.

Passion Week — The Most Transformative Week

As Palm Sunday is about King Jesus and accountability to him and Maundy Thursday is about Teacher Jesus and love from him, to him, and for one another — so Good Friday is about Savior Jesus and focuses on his achievement of divine, restorative justice.

Biblical Applications Really Do Matter

Whether we are engaging the Bible in personal study or devotional reading – or as a part of a Church service or ministry event – the Bible always has power to transform us – men, women, youth and children.

Embracing Our Muslim Neighbors

For many centuries, evangelistic outreaches to Muslims have been deeply frustrating and mostly unfruitful. Many factors have hindered the Spirit's work in drawing Muslim people to the amazing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

20:17 Is Good for Godly Friendships

There are many great themes people have proposed for 2017, and numerous Bible verses that brothers or sisters in the Lord could select as wise, focused sources of Divine Light for the new year, 2017.

PC-Induced-Stupidity Helps the Terrorists

I am writing these reflections on September 11, 2016, just 15 years after what many call the most tragic day in American history — the day in which more than 3,000 innocent civilians died at the hands of young murderous, suicidal devotees of an oppressive religion.

Rediscovering the September 11 Scriptures

This Sunday, September 11, is the 15th remembrance of the awful terror attacks on the World Trade Center. In each of our lives much has happened in these past fifteen years since that terrible morning, but it is good to go back to recall some of what we learned at that time.