Aaron J. Leichman

Christian Post Reporter

Risque Super Bowl Ads Draw Ire Against GoDaddy.com

A Christian entrepreneur who manages hosting services for dozens of churches and faith-based organizations is sounding off against marketing powerhouse GoDaddy.com after the domain registrar's famously risqué Super Bowl ads earlier this month sparked an outcry among several of his clients.

Pro-Football Stars Featured in New Bible Product

As sports fans prepare for the fast-approaching Super Bowl, IBS Publishing is announcing the release of its football-themed "Path to Victory" New Testament featuring the testimonies of football greats including recently retired Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy and Super Bowl-bound quarterback Kurt Warner.

Cold Snap Keeps Salvation Army Extra Busy

The Salvation Army is doing everything it can to keep warm the homeless in the Northern Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes, and Northeast, where freezing temperatures and face-numbing winds have gripped residents for most of the week.