Alex Murashko

CP Contributor

Will 'The Passion Live' on Fox Surpass Ratings Success of 'Grease'?

Although producers of "The Passion Live," broadcast live on Fox this Sunday, are quick to point out that their modern-day presentation of Jesus' last moments on earth before his death and resurrection isn't really a musical, but a "musical event," TV ratings will still be compared to such shows as "Grease: Live."

Harvest America 2016 Will Tonight Take Place in 100,000 Capacity Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Livestreamed to 6000 Locations

Evangelist Greg Laurie and an army of volunteers are hoping that Harvest America at the 100,000 max-capacity AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, streamed live to more than 6,000 host locations in the U.S. and worldwide, and broadcast live on cable TV on Sunday will usher thousands into a relationship with Jesus and become perhaps the largest Christian outreach in history.

'Ex-Muslim' Pastor Describes His 'Position on ISIS' [Video]

The author of Ex-Muslim, Naeem Fazal, says there is only one position the church, as defined by Christians within the Body of Christ, should take when it comes to answering the question: What should we do to prevent Islamic terrorist groups such as ISIS from attacking America and elsewhere?