Alex Murashko

CP Contributor

Calif. Governor Signs Student Transgender Bill Into Law; 'This Is Insanity' Says Pro-Family Advocate

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law Monday that gives transgender students access to restrooms and locker rooms designated for either gender, as well as participation on either girls' or boys' sports teams. Framed as an equal rights issue by gay and transgender activists, those opposed to such a law say it sets a dangerous precept, and some are telling parents to homeschool or enroll children in private Christian schools.

Alabama Prayer Rally Organizer Thanks Atheists Group FFRF for Sparking 'An Awakening Like No Other'

An estimated combined total of 5,000 people met to pray at all 29 Cullman County School District campuses in Alabama to participate in a prayer caravan Saturday. Hundreds more gathered for a prayer rally at the county fairgrounds in the evening. Spurred on by the threat of legal action from a Wisconsin-based atheists group citing "separation of church and state" to stop the event, the third annual caravan attracted as many as 1,000 people at one high school.

Greg Laurie Asks 'What's Your Story?'

Evangelist Pastor Greg Laurie said he believes that every Christian's personal testimony is significant whether their story of coming to know Jesus Christ is less "radical" than another person's story or not.

Atheist Activists Want to Stop Prayer Caravan, Daily 'Lord's Prayer' in Alabama School District

A group whose focus is to wipe expressions of religion from the public square in the U.S. is attempting to stop Cullman County Schools in Alabama from conducting a prayer caravan that includes school district leaders stopping to pray at each school in early August. The atheist and "free thinkers" group is also asking the district to stop daily recitation of the Lord's Prayer over the schools' loudspeaker every morning.