Alex Murashko

CP Contributor

Theological Seminary Graduates Aim to Close Gap in Biblical Understanding

Four Dallas Theological Seminary graduates who formed a non-profit publishing group aimed at closing the ever-widening gap in biblical understanding between scholars and laymen, recently released their fourth installment in a series of Bible studies through the 66 books of the Bible. The publishers say that "Philippians: Displaying God in Godless Times" encourages Christians to do what they were called on to do during Biblical times – live out their faith in a primarily secular society.

An Inside Look at a New Generation of Pastors: Levi Lusko (Pt. 1)

Evangelist Greg Laurie believes that God is going to use Pastor Levi Lusko of Fresh Life Church in Montana in a powerful way in the coming years. "Levi is, when it's all said and done, a Bible expositor," Laurie told The Christian Post recently. "Yet, his style is so engaging, relevant, and humorous, people might not catch that right away.

Darryl Strawberry Goes Public as Ordained Minister; No Longer Interested in Baseball Past

Former Major League Baseball All-Star, Darryl Strawberry, whose legendary play on the field was coupled with a well-chronicled battle with addiction and legal problems in his personal life, said he is no longer the man he was before and that his top priority is leading people to Jesus Christ. He is now an ordained minister leading a wide-ranging ministry, including Christian-based recovery programs.

Former 'New Ager' Classic Rock Radio Talk Show Host No Longer Hangs Up on Christians

Working as a phone call screener and talk show host for one of the most listened to rock 'n' roll stations in Southern California for more than 20 years, Frank Sontag confesses that as a "new ager" and someone who had not yet accepted Jesus Christ he didn't really want to hear what Christians, who called into the station to talk about the Gospel, had to say – he hung up on them.