Alex Murashko

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Oklahoma Tornado Survivors Get Help From 80 Men in Substance Abuse Recovery

Among those helping to provide critical support to survivors of the devastating tornado that ripped through Moore, Okla., are about 80 men who are in a Salvation Army program working towards substance abuse recovery. Since the day of the tornado, teams from Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Center have collected, sorted and stocked pallets of food, water, and other goods for distribution to emergency responders and residents of the community.

Pastor of Multi-Ethnic Church Gives 8 Reasons, Remedies for Discipleship Problem

Pastor Derwin L. Gray of Transformation Church in Indian Land, S.C., is one of a growing number of Christian leaders in America who want to see churches do a better job of teaching discipleship in order to develop multi-ethnic congregations. The former NFL linebacker said that a key to helping Christians mature within churches that are struggling is to model after the ethnically diverse churches of the first century.

Greg Laurie Says He Went to DC to Pray, Not Fight With Gay Activists

For the first time publicly, evangelist Greg Laurie addressed the issue of gay activists calling for him to not pray as the honorary chairman of the National Day of Prayer at events in Washington, D.C., earlier this month. The Southern California pastor's discussion on the topic came during a recent mid-week Bible study message on the prophet Elijah that was videotaped and shown at his Harvest churches in Riverside and Orange counties during worship services Sunday.

Is Robert Downey Jr. Tracking End Times Prophecy by Chuck Missler?

Is Robert Downey Jr.'s mention of Bible prophecy teacher Chuck Missler during an appearance on Jon Stewart's Daily Show a sign that the "Iron Man" actor is tracking with the latest End Times conversation? Prophecy News Watch took the opportunity to post a short video clip of Downey's Missler reference on Stewart's show and write about current events in the Middle East.

Lee Strobel on Atheists vs Ball State U Professor Teaching Creationism

Evolutionists and atheist activists who recently complained about a Ball State University assistant professor teaching creationism may be missing a broader view of education, according to popular Christian apologist Lee Strobel, who says that colleges should be a place where students can explore both Darwinism and creationism fully and freely.

Oklahoma Tornado Rips City Apart; Christian Relief Groups Move In

As darkness fell on the tornado-ripped community of Moore, Okla., and the severely damaged areas surrounding Oklahoma City on Monday, at least 24 people, including children, were confirmed dead as the search for survivors continued. Many undamaged and secure structures, such as churches, served as emergency shelters for those whose homes were destroyed as the result of the 200 mph winds. Government-funded disaster relief teams were joined by faith-based organizations, some already mobilized from previous disaster efforts, for immediate action.

Asian-American Pentecostal Theologian on Transnational Character of Evangelicalism, Racialization in the Church (Pt. 2)

In the book's third chapter titled, "Race, Racialization, and Asian-American Leaders in Post-Racist Evangelicalism," Yong writes that "the North American evangelical world has taken many important steps toward overcoming the racist history of slavery in this country, and my own story, to be told in this chapter, reflects how I and other Asian-Americans have been beneficiaries of such repentant attitudes and even practices."

Mark Driscoll Says for the Record: I Really Like This Planet

Seattle-based megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll took his latest criticism from some within the Christian community about the way he handled the topic of the earth's environment while joking at a recent Christian leadership conference as an opportunity to write about his environmentally conscious family and how humor can be found in parts of the Bible.

Will Tim Tebow Play in NFL Ever Again?

Though a full blown conspiracy by the NFL may be in doubt, the fact that unashamed Christian QB Tim Tebow has not been picked up by any team since he was let go by the N.Y. Jets more than two weeks ago leaves room for speculation. Regardless of whether Tebow has been blackballed from the NFL or not, teams from alternative leagues like the Arena Football League have shown an interest in him.

Christian Movements Growing in US Include Multisite Churches, Leadership Development, Generosity

Two movements among Christian congregations in the U.S. today, churches with multiple locations (multisite) and leadership development (discipleship), continue to gain momentum as new innovations are being introduced. In addition, perhaps in an even newer development, a growing number of churches are intentionally developing a culture of generosity, an effort to help carry the gospel message outside the church, says the director of new media and technology for the Leadership Network.