Alex Murashko

CP Contributor

'Bible Quiz' Documentary Gives Inside Look at Specialized Ministry, Young Believer

In the making of the documentary film "Bible Quiz" perhaps it would have been easy for storyteller and producer Nicole Teeny to poke fun at a group of Scripture memorizing hyped-up teenagers engrossed in an intense national Bible Quiz playoff and its surrounding culture. Instead, Teeny lets the players and the competition do the talking, real and honest sharing in front of the camera, and what unfolds is an inside look at a specialized ministry and a maturing young believer.

Big Bang Cosmology Is Consistent With Scripture?

The scientific belief that everything in the universe came from nothing before there was a "Big Bang," or a moment of creation, is something that all Christians and scientists can agree on, says a leading Christian apologist. Also, J. Warner Wallace argues that the primary premise of Big Bang Cosmology, that everything came from nothing, is consistent with Scripture.

Christian Author Tells Story Through Lazarus' Eyes About 'God's Favorite Place on Earth'

Best-selling Christian author Frank Viola takes a unique look at the relationship between Jesus Christ and the town of Bethany through his interpretation of what Lazarus may have witnessed in his upcoming book, God's Favorite Place on Earth. In essence, Viola says that through his research for the book he came to the conclusion that all Christians should be God's "Bethany," a place where God is welcomed.

Global Leadership Team Ready to Pass Baton to Christian Leaders in Guatemala

After completing the U.S. portion of a 2,400-mile relay from Atlanta to Guatemala City in Guatemala, a Christian-based global leadership development organization plans to hand over the baton to their Guatemalan partners at the Mexican border near Laredo, Texas, on Friday. The purpose of the approximately 120-day journey by foot (and bicycle in parts of Mexico and Central America) is to bring awareness about plans to activate Christians in leadership positions, first in Guatemala and then elsewhere around the world.

Greg Laurie Fills In for Rick Warren at Saddleback Church; Says America Needs to Turn Back to God

Evangelist Greg Laurie filled in for Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren during worship services over the weekend and is the first of a string of well-known Christian leaders scheduled to speak from the pulpit while Warren continues to grieve his son's passing. The list of pastors planned includes Francis Chan, Mark Driscoll, Pete Wilson, David Platt, Craig Groeschel, Wilfredo De Jesús, and Doug Fields.

Greg Laurie to Give Message of Hope Amid Grief at So. Calif. Megachurch

Evangelist Greg Laurie said he plans to give a message of hope at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., amid grief during worship services this coming weekend. The Harvest Crusades founder, who said the untimely loss of his son nearly five years ago gave him a "new ministry," will be speaking from the church's pulpit just a little more than two weeks since the suicide death of Pastor Rick Warren's son, Matthew.