Alex Murashko

CP Contributor

Jeremy Lin, Christian Leaders Back Bible-Based Game, Story Apps for Children

A mobile app studio in Los Angeles announced this week it is creating a series of Bible-based games and stories for children and has launched a crowd-sourced campaign to help fund the project. Well-known Christian leaders are supporting the campaign, including NBA star Jeremy Lin, pastor Craig Groeschel, author of Crazy Love Francis Chan, Newsong Church pastor Dave Gibbons and nearly a dozen more featured on the campaign's Kickstarter page.

Top 10 Tim Tebow Stories at CP

While some sports fans (especially Denver Broncos ones) may have considered unashamed Christian quarterback Tim Tebow a miracle worker last year with his mid-season heroics leading the team into the playoffs, things were different as a N.Y. Jets player. If there were any miracles during the 2012 season for Tebow it was the fact that he never lashed out at a coach and organization that really didn't seem that serious about giving him a chance to play in earnest.

Urbana: Why Are 16,000 Students Spending Christmas Break at Christian Conference?

Approximately 16,000 students are spending a big chunk of their Christmas break (five days, including New Year's Eve) attending a student missions conference. Most are Christian, some are not, but in either case why would they set aside typical vacation activities to attend Urbana 12 – a series of speaker sessions, Bible studies, times of worship, and more than 250 exhibitors?

Lee Strobel: Making the Case for Christmas

While still an atheist and crime reporter for The Chicago Tribune, Christian apologist and best-selling author Lee Strobel says a story he covered decades ago about a "poverty-wracked" family and how they showed him the true meaning of Christmas through their actions still resonates with him. Strobel gave The Christian Post an exclusive on his "Making the Case for Christmas" story.

'Bigger Than Life' Christian Radio Personality Frank Pastore Dies

Christian radio talk show host Frank Pastore, who was described by his colleagues and friends as "larger than life," died Monday, one month after a motorcycle accident on a Southern California freeway left him in a coma. He was 55. In perhaps prophetic words on the same night as the accident, the former Major League Baseball pitcher had talked about a strikingly similar scenario in which he said his soul would leave his body.

US Navy Cancels Live Nativity Scene on Bahrain Military Base

The U.S. Navy has ordered service members on a military base in Bahrain to discontinue a long-standing tradition of a "Live Nativity" after a military atheist group complained that the manger scene not only violated the Constitution, but endangered Americans serving in a Muslim country as well.

Greg Laurie Gives Optimistic Update on Frank Pastore During Sermon

Popular Christian radio talk show host Frank Pastore remains in a coma while in critical, but stable condition three weeks after a motorcycle accident on a Southern California freeway. However, Pastor Greg Laurie gave an optimistic update about his good friend at the beginning of his sermon at Harvest Christian Fellowship Church in Riverside Sunday morning.

Dinesh D'Souza's '2016' Movie: Winner at the Box Office Snubbed by Oscar

Dinesh D'Souza's documentary "2016: Obama's America" failed to earn an Oscar nomination despite earning $33.4 million at the box office, and becoming the fourth highest grossing documentary in history. Of course, there isn't much an outcry inside liberal Hollywood. However, D'Souza didn't keep quiet about the Academy Awards committee snub.