Alexander J. Sheffrin

Christian Post Reporter

Town Divided Over Dismissal of Ohio School Teacher

The decision of an Ohio middle school to fire a popular, Christian science teacher of over 20 years has generated protest, outcry, and divisions among the residents of Mount Vernon over concerns that the decision may have been motivated out of religious bias against Christians.

Planned Parenthood Expands to Malls, Suburbia

Planned Parenthood has made measures to increasingly expand its facilities from its mostly trademark low-income neighborhood locations into suburbia, where the group hopes to target upper- to middle-class women with a series of convenient "express centers" and mall locations.

How Christians Should Cope with the Loss of a Family Member

As Christians respond with prayers and condolences after the sudden death of Maria Chapman – the adopted daughter of Christian music star Steven Curtis Chapman – in a car accident this Wednesday, many Christian families have been left wondering how any family, even their own, can best cope in such a tragic situation.