Anne Thomas

Christian Post Contributor

BBC Presenter: Difficult to Speak about God

BBC presenter Jeremy Vine has spoken about the difficulties he faces in openly discussing his Christian faith on air. The Radio 2 and Panorama presenter admitted he found it difficult to reconcile his beliefs with his job.

Millions of Christians Pray to Become One

Millions of Christians worldwide will unite over the next eight days in praying for reconciliation within the broken body of Christ. The annual week of prayer is a highlight of the ecumenical calendar.

U.K. Churches Told to Speak Out Against Racism

Churches have been told they may have to speak out against racism if the recession triggers a wave of racist-based policies and even new race riots across Europe as governments attempt to steer their economies through the economic downturn.

Vatican Breaks from Italian Law

The Vatican announced this week that it will no longer automatically adopt laws passed by the Italian Parliament. The move, which came into effect on Thursday, ends 80 years of automatic adoption brought in by the Lateran treaties between the Pope and the Italian parliamentary system.

India Evangelical Leader Seeks Prayers for Peace

The Evangelical Fellowship of India has asked Christians to pray for a peaceful 2009 for India's believers. The appeal comes not long after a wave of attacks on Christians by Hindu radicals left nearly 120 people dead and tens of thousands displaced in Orissa state.

Tutu Joins Celebrities in Call for Climate Change Action

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Scarlett Johansson and Annie Lennox are among the high profile signatories of a letter calling on rich nations to take the lead in addressing climate change and developing solutions for the poor communities they say are being hit hardest.

Reaching the Marketplace for Jesus

Following in the Lord's footsteps, Open Air Campaigners (OAC Ministries) are gearing up for the launch of a new training course that will equip Christians for outreach in the most ordinary of places – on the streets of the UK's towns and cities.

Indian Pastor Appeals for Prayer Amid Death and Suffering

The Bible Society in India has received a desperate appeal from a pastor in troubled Orissa state for prayers for the persecuted Christian community there, as thousands remain scattered across makeshift government camps or are hiding in the homes of relatives and sympathetic Hindus.

Slain Christian Aid Worker Buried in Kabul

A British Christian aid worker murdered in the Afghanistan capital of Kabul last week has been laid to rest. The Taliban claimed responsibility for her death, saying it had killed her because she was spreading Christianity.

TD Jakes: Change is Coming

More than 100,000 Christians from South Africa and beyond gathered in Johannesburg this weekend to hear Charismatic American preacher Bishop TD Jakes deliver the Word of God and join together in what he promised to be an "explosive and powerful encounter" with God.

Churches Welcome Back Lapsed Christians

Churches across the United Kingdom welcomed thousands of lapsed Christians back to church on Sunday. Back to Church Sunday, now in its fourth year, saw churches hand out thousands of no strings attached invites people in their local communities over the last few weeks.