Anne Thomas

Christian Post Contributor

UK Christians Roll Out Red Carpet for Back to Church Sunday

Churches across the United Kingdom are pulling out all the stops to welcome lapsed Christians back to church this Sunday. Bishops and members of 38 churches have come up with novel new ways of making the welcome back for this year's newcomers and 'returners' extra special.

Hindu Mob Attacks Christian Orphanage

As Hindu radicals go on the rampage in India's Orissa state, Christians are "running for their lives," says one missionary. One woman was killed and a priest seriously injured when a mob burned down a Christian orphanage Monday.

World Readies for Global Lights Out

Cities and communities around the world are getting ready to switch off their lights in a powerful and united statement to world leaders that they need to take immediate action on climate change.

New Bible Reveals God's Heart Towards Poverty, Injustice

The Poverty and Justice Bible, the latest release from Bible Society, has broken new ground as the first ever to literally highlight the more than 2,000 passages that reveal God’s sorrow over poverty and injustice, and His command to believers to act to eradicate them.