Anugrah Kumar

Christian Post Contributor

Jimmy Kimmel Tells Roy Moore to 'Get Some Christian Values'

Responding to Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore's challenge to come to Alabama to mock his Christian values, television host Jimmy Kimmel told Moore to "get some Christian values." The Senate hopeful had challenged Kimmel after comedian Rich Barbieri disrupted a church service while Moore was speaking.

Trust in Clergy Hits All-Time Low: Poll

The proportion of people who say they trust priests to tell the truth has reached an all-time low in Britain, while the number of those trusting politicians and police has risen, according to an Ipsos MORI survey.

Detroit Priest Becomes 2nd US-Born Man on Path to Sainthood

A Catholic priest from Detroit, Michigan, Father Solanus Casey, is one step closer to becoming a possible Catholic saint after a beatification mass was held in the city on Saturday, 60 years after his death. Not allowed to preach, the priest served the needy and was recognized for his humility that brought people to God.