Ariel R. Rey

Christian Post Reporter

Thieves Target Christian Music CDs

When thieves decide to rob a music store, chances are they will go for the bestselling albums, however, that was not the focus for two men in a North Knoxville bookstore, who decided to go for all the Christian music CDs.

MTV VMA 2011 Performances (PICTURES)

Sunday night's MTV VMA's was full of surprises. After a performance Beyonce unbuttoned her jacket and gallantly showed off her protruding belly to the world, announcing for the first time that she and husband Jay-Z are expecting their first baby.

Android for HP TouchPad LIVES!

Shortly after HP announced its massive price cut on HP TouchPad to $99, programmers began to work on an Android OS to replace the unpopular webOS, and now there appear to be signs of life for the anticipated OS.

'Glee Project' Final Shocks Audience and Contestants

Everyone was a winner during Sunday night’s Glee Project competition. Ryan Murphy, judge and executive producer of the Glee Project surprised the audience when after crowning Samuel Larsen, 19, the winner suddenly added that there would be a second crown awarded to Damian McGinty, 18.

Medal of Honor Awarded to Soldier Who Lost Right Hand

President Obama presented the Medal of Honor to Army Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Petry on Tuesday for protecting his fellow soldiers by grabbing and throwing back a live grenade while in combat in Afghanistan. His selfless act of valor cost him his right hand.