Ariel R. Rey

Christian Post Reporter

Holy Yoga or Demonism?

Washington Cathedral in Washington state will feature a yoga class infused with Scripture. Holy Yoga insists yoga is not a religion but a spiritual discipline. Evangelicals, meanwhile, say it's a form of demonism.

Critical Harold Camping Facts

Harold Camping will long be associated with the failed predictions of the end of the word. But who is this man responsible for the multimillion dollar campaign declaring May 21 as Judgment Day?

Atheists Offer Post-Rapture Services

In response to the prediction of May 21 as rapture day, atheists have begun cashing in on their guaranteed stay. A group of atheists in Seattle have begun a funding campaign for people who will be left behind

Pastor Confesses to Faking Navy SEAL Story

After deceiving his parishioners for five years, and the rest of the world for one day, the Rev. Jim Moats’ recently revealed that he was never a Navy SEAL. A local newspaper had interviewed him as a former Navy SEAL but the pastor confessed the next day his story was all made up.