Audrey Barrick

Christian Post Reporter

Obama Gets Teary in Emotional Talk With Campaign Staff (VIDEO)

The Obama campaign released a video Thursday showing President Barack Obama giving a tearful talk to campaign staff and volunteers in Chicago. In a surprise visit to the campaign office Wednesday, after being re-elected president, Obama gave a heartfelt thank-you and let them know that they have been his source of hope.

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama Gaining Favor for Sandy Response

Most presidential polls show President Barack Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney neck and neck in the home stretch of the election, but Obama may get a slight boost for his response to Hurricane Sandy. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll says most likely voters, including those who support Romney, say Obama is doing a good job in dealing with the super storm.

Max Lucado: Where Was God When Hurricane Sandy Hit?

As Americans throughout the East Coast reel from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the question many victims and viewers are asking is "Where was God?" Best-selling author Max Lucado sought to answer the question Tuesday as some 8 million people were left without power and at least 50 people were found dead.

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama Losing Support in Calif., NJ

The latest in presidential polls shows President Obama losing a big chunk of the support he saw in the 2008 election in California and New Jersey. In the blue state of California, Obama still holds the lead over Republican candidate Mitt Romney but with a much smaller margin compared to four years ago.