Audrey Barrick

Christian Post Reporter

FRC Refutes 'Hate' Claims of Calling Gays Pedophiles, Wanting to Expel Gays

The LGBT advocacy group Human Rights Campaign and the Southern Poverty Law Center are standing by their decision to label conservative group Family Research Council a "hate" group even as some in their camp back away. But they say it's not because FRC simply opposes same-sex marriage. FRC is "hateful" because it links gay people to pedophiles, they claim.

Judge Delays Divorce Proceedings of 'Pregnant Man'

A Phoenix judge has delayed ruling on the divorce involving a transgender man, more widely known as "pregnant man." "I'm going through a divorce with Nancy and at the 11th hour, the judge is now questioning whether or not this case is within jurisdiction, whether or not he wants to even grant us a divorce," Beatie told Dr. Drew on HLN Wednesday.

Rob Bell Says of TV Project: Won't Be Typical Sunday Morning TV

Author Rob Bell has two major projects in the works currently, one of which includes a TV show. Bell, who stepped down as pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan, isn't giving out any details but he has dropped some hints. He told this week that it definitely won't be "what passes for religion on Sunday-morning TV."

Megachurch Calls on Christians to Be 'Hell Raiders,' Evangelize

A megachurch in California is encouraging congregants to be "hell raiders" and realize that evangelizing isn't as hard as it seems. Though talk about hell isn't too usual at North Coast Church in Vista, Calif., Pastor Chris Brown wants Christians to start doing their job of pointing people to Christ and away from hell.