Bethany Blankley

CP Contributor

From the Pulpit to the Polls: Political Pastors Return to America's Roots in Running for Office

Several weeks ago, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and American Renewal Project's founder David Lane invited 100,000 ministers to consider running for elected office in 2016. From becoming a city council or school board member, to becoming a county commissioner, mayor, or state legislator, pastors, Lane argues can contribute positively to their communities-- both in and out of the pulpit.

Christian Ministers Leading the Fight on Biblical Values, In and Out of the Pulpit

Ministers have always been at the forefront of leading America, calling upon God for mercy, guidance, wisdom, and revival. Historically, they led both in and out of the pulpit—spawning the American Revolution, opposing slavery and organizing the Underground Railroad, actively registering people to vote, supporting civil rights, prison reform, and poverty legislation, and fighting in war and/or serving as military chaplains.

British Christianity: Churches Decline While Islam Grows; Is America Next?

Gov. Mike Huckabee recently retraced the steps of Pope John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan with a group of ministers and faith leaders. After touring Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and the Churchill War Rooms, he remarked that both Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill were heavily criticized and often dismissed yet they remained steadfast to name and fight evil.