Billy Graham

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Does Prayer Really Change Things?

For years we've had a little sign on our kitchen wall that says, "Prayer Changes Things." But we've been going through some hard times lately, and frankly I'm beginning to wonder if prayer does make any difference. Does it?

Is the Bible in Secret Code?

Recently, I read an article in one of those supermarket tabloids that claimed the Bible is full of messages in secret code that can reveal the future to us. The examples given were very persuasive, but I couldn't help but wondering why God did it this way. Is this story true?

I'm Not Sure I'll Go to Heaven

I've heard people say that all I have to do to get to heaven is to believe in Jesus. Well, I think I believe in Jesus, but down inside I'm not at all sure I'll go to heaven when I die. In fact, I kind of doubt if I will. What am I missing?