Brendan Giusti

Christian Post Reporter

Abortion Debate a Key Factor in GOP Primary?

All four Republican presidential candidates oppose abortion, although a closer look at their position reveals significant differences, which could become increasingly important as value voters become a key swing-voting block.

Could Gingrich Win Leave Evangelical Voters Divided?

The lack of a clear front-runner in the Republican primaries is causing candidates to scramble for endorsements, which may mean evangelical leaders who previously backed Rick Santorum could flip-flop and throw the support of the Christian right to another, more viable, candidate – perhaps Newt Gingrich.

The Lord's Lobbyists: Reaching Across the Aisle (Part 3)

Faith-based lobbying in Washington, D.C., is a fragmented industry, despite organizations spending nearly $400 million on efforts to influence the nation’s leaders. Although the number of lobbyists has tripled since 1970, geographic, political and denominational differences have rendered religious-based lobbying less effective as in previous years.