Brendan Giusti

Christian Post Reporter

The Lord's Lobbyists: Common God But Uncommon Ground (Part 2)

Faith-based lobbying in Washington D.C., is a nearly $400 million per year industry and the number of faith-based lobbyists in the nation's capital has tripled since 1970. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of the religious-interest efforts are questionable, despite the staggering monetary and practician figures.

The Lord's Lobbyists: The Dollars and Cents (Part 1)

The number of faith-based lobbyists in Washington, D.C., has tripled since 1970, making it a nearly $400 million per-year industry. But in today's political climate in the nation's capital, the staggering sums spent on lobbying by religious organizations are mere drop in the bucket compared to those spent on behalf of corporate interests.

Aaron Rodgers as Popular as Jesus?

Tim Tebow may have captured the nation’s attention on the football field, but a new poll suggests that quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the most popular public figure in the U.S. – ranking behind only Abraham Lincoln and Jesus.